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About Us

Centro-rc.com is dedicated to the Centro range of products for radio control cars. On this site you will find all the items you need to create and maintain our 4.1/4.2 conversion kit.

The site is part of the CML Distribution Shopatron network. Any orders placed from within the UK will automatically be entered in to the Shopatron waiting pool.  From here, Briitsh model and hobby shops are able to pick up these orders and fulfill them on our behalf. This benefits the UK model and hobby industry, allowing local stores to use CML's marketing and prominence in the RC industry, to achieve greater sales.

In order for this process to work it is possible that orders placed on this site can take between 3-7 working days to arrive. We hope buyers appreciate that the Shopatron system is designed to support local stores and a few extra days wait is worth keeping the model industry alive and well.